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Our Classes

The Pilates Studio offers a mix of mat and reformer work, delivering a balanced, dynamic workout. If you have any pain or injury, please do chat with us and, together, we’ll decide which is the best starting point for you. OUR TIMETABLE AND PRICING IS FOR ONE CLASS PER WEEK.

Mat Classes

All our mat classes are limited to 10 people, allowing for close observation and personal feedback. In keeping with the Body Control Pilates approach, our carefully structured course levels form the "building blocks" to your progression. These levels move at your pace, not ours. From your very first class, your teacher will learn about you and guide you through. Pilates mat classes take place on the floor with a Pilates mat and the clients own body. The classes will move the spine and all the joints in all of their natural directions giving a fully comprehensive muscle and joint work out to each client.

Mat Class

Mat Pilates for Beginners

To introduce you to Mat Pilates, we run regular Beginners courses throughout the year. Mat Pilates for Beginners teaches you the basic concepts of Pilates and is suitable for those who have little or no experience.

Mat Mixed Ability

Our Mat mixed ability classes teach classical and contemporary pilates movements which will move the spine and all of the joints through their natural range movement which will develop control, co-ordination and strength in a fun and safe environment.

Mat Pilates for Advanced

Our Advanced courses demand excellent control, co-ordination and strength.

Reformer Classes

Our Reformer Classes are small with only four clients in each class, this excellent Teacher to Client ratio ensures client safety as well as giving each client the support and feedback they require.In keeping with the Body Control Pilates approach, we will use the 'building block' approach to develop strength, stamina, technique, and understanding to ensure progression at each clients' pace.

Reformer Class

Reformer Classes For Beginners

Beginners Reformer Classes are designed to teach each client to use the Reformer safely in a small, friendly class with a teacher who is fully qualified to teach Reformer Pilates and who will offer gentle and accurate corrections and advice on technique. Reformers offer resistance through a system of springs and pulleys and was invented by Joseph Pilates to give feedback to the body.

Mixed Ability Reformer

A low impact, muscle lengthening and strengthening routine which can have the added benefit of improving the body's' alignment and posture. In this class, you will be closely supervised by a fully qualified Body Control Pilates Reformer teacher who will ensure your safety as well as add to your knowledge of the Reformer and your own body.

One to Ones

One-to-Ones can be mat or equipment based and are designed specifically to suit your individual requirements. You receive personal feedback, correction and exercises aimed to enhance your learning and address any specific issues.

One-to-Two or One-to-Three

These are perfectly designed to give personal guidance, whilst maintaining a small group feel. They’re very popular with friends who are unable to attend scheduled classes or who only wish to take part with people they know well. Equally, these classes are the perfect way to find out a little more about Pilates before committing to a six week course.

Room Hire

On Saturday and Sunday from 1:30pm, our mat studio and waiting area are available to rent by the hour. Please contact us for details.

Our Timetable

At The Pilates Studio, we know that one class is not enough to fully feel the benefits of Pilates. We usually run our courses run for at least for 6-7 weeks. Each class lasts for one hour.

Pay As You Go Classes

will be available @£20 per session for clients other than Beginners, during the school summer holidays in July- August. Please call 0780 7033 102 or email for details

Reformer Schedule Summer - Autumn 2021


5pm - Beginners for 6 Weeks
8th June - 13th July | £120
7th Sept - 12th Oct | £120

6.30pm - Beginners for 6 Weeks
8th June - 13th July | £120
7th Sept - 12th Oct | £120


6.30pm - Beginners for 6 Weeks
9th June - 14th July | £120
8th June - 13th Oct | £120


6pm - Mixed Ability
17th June - 15th July | £120 for 5 Weeks
9th Sept - 21st Oct | £140 for 7 Weeks

7.30pm - Mixed Ability
17th June - 15th July | £120 for 5 Weeks
9th Sept - 21st Oct | £140 for 7 Weeks


10.30am - Mixed Ability
18th June - 16th July | £100 for 5 Weeks
10th Sept - 22nd Oct | £140 for 7 Weeks


10am - Mixed Ability
12th June - 17th July | £100 for 5 Weeks (*not 3rd July)

11th Sept - 23rd Oct | £140 for 7 Weeks

11.30am - Refresh/Mixed Ability
5th June - 17th July | £120 for 6 Weeks
(*not 3rd July)

11th Sept - 23rd Oct | £140 for 7 Weeks

1pm - 2pm - Beginner
11th Sept - 16th Oct | £120 for 6 Weeks

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