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Unique to the North East, The Pilates Studio is a dedicated group of teachers helping people with fitness, health, rehabilitation and wellness of mind. Pilates is a simple addition to any lifestyle routine and the results can be phenomenal... but understanding why is important. "Attending Pilates classes without understanding how and why it works, is like dieting without understanding why some foods are bad for you. We take the time to teach you how to improve your health, fitness and lifestyle, not just for today, but forever. This is the essence of Body Control Pilates."

Body Control Pilates

The main focus of Body Control Pilates is the principle of encouraging natural movement. This is the vital foundation for avoiding injury and maintaining fitness regardless of age or ability. Our team of Pilates teachers are all trained by, and members of, the Body Control Pilates Association – as part of the largest Pilates organisation in Europe, our teachers undergo continuous professional development to retain their prestigious membership. "Our team is amazing. They have a clear sense of purpose and a natural harmony. So the classes we provide aren’t generic, they are individually considered and client-focused; I’m very proud of that."

We now have an established reputation for excellence, recognised by the medical profession and other practitioners such as Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. Not only do these well being professionals recommend their patients attend our classes, but they also attend our classes, confirming our status with the best teachers and the best pilates. Our clients believe in what they’re learning; they commit, they trust and they benefit – every time. 90% stay.

Our Teachers

Madelaine Rourke


Madelaine Rourke
Madelaine started to do Pilates as a result of having a very painful back injury. After only a few weeks at The Pilates Studio her back pain had almost disappeared and she continued to enjoy Pilates on a weekly basis before deciding to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher. On qualifying as a Body Control Pilates teacher, Madelaine began to teach at The Pilates Studio and was delighted when she was invited to buy the Pilates Studio. Madelaine has a well organised, analytical approach, bringing an efficient and determined focus to the classes she teaches. Her enthusiasm for Pilates is clear to see. She shines in her classes and her clients respond with commitment, hard work and a true sense of fun.

"I started as a client at The Pilates Studio. This gives me an invaluable insight into the need to balance professionalism with approachability!"

All our teachers are Body Control trained to teach Mat and Reformer Pilates. They are also all supervising teachers, they train and support trainee Body Control Pilates teachers and assist them in the rigorous qualification process of becoming an esteemed Body Control Pilates teacher.

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