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Unique to the North East, The Pilates Studio is a dedicated group of teachers helping people with fitness, health, rehabilitation and wellness of mind. Pilates is a simple addition to any lifestyle routine and the results can be phenomenal... but understanding why is important. "Attending Pilates classes without understanding how and why it works, is like dieting without understanding why some foods are bad for you. We take the time to teach you how to improve your health, fitness and lifestyle, not just for today, but forever. This is the essence of Body Control Pilates."

Body Control Pilates

The main focus of Body Control Pilates is the principle of encouraging natural movement. This is the vital foundation for avoiding injury and maintaining fitness regardless of age or ability. Our team of Pilates teachers are all trained by, and members of, the Body Control Pilates Association – as part of the largest Pilates organisation in Europe, our teachers undergo continuous professional development to retain their prestigious membership. "Our team is amazing. They have a clear sense of purpose and a natural harmony. So the classes we provide aren’t generic, they are individually considered and client-focused; I’m very proud of that."

We now have an established reputation for excellence, recognised by the medical profession and other practitioners such as Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. Not only do these well being professionals recommend their patients attend our classes, but they also attend our classes, confirming our status with the best teachers and the best pilates. Our clients believe in what they’re learning; they commit, they trust and they benefit – every time. 90% stay.

Our Teachers

Madelaine Rourke

Teacher/ Studio Owner

Madelaine Rourke
I first tried Pilates after a friend recommended it when I had an extremely painful back complaint. After only a few sessions I was no longer experiencing terrible pain and was able to move more freely. I soon realised I was becoming pain free and Pilates was an effective and safe way to move my body to help repair it and build strength. After attending Body Control Pilates classes at The Pilates Studio for quite some time, I was excited and delighted when I finally began to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher. I was now doing what I truly felt passionate about, teaching Pilates and helping clients move and feel well by improving stamina, core strength, alignment and balance by accessing the deep postural muscles and joints. Importantly for me, Pilates actively requires us to move our spines and joints in all the natural directions and therefore builds and improves movement, strength, and stamina. This logical and amazing approach helps Pilates clients manage or totally avoid pain and enjoy their lives to the full! Pilates also benefits clients who are pain free by enabling them to enhance and further improve their well being and achieve personal and physical activity related goals. My areas of special interest still focus on helping clients with back pain. Having being there myself I am sympathetic and I do understand what will help clients . I have lots of clients who came to see me with Sciatica or other back pain and I can proudly say, each client has avoided surgery and report feeling stronger and are either pain free or have significantly reduced their experience of pain. I am also interested in teaching clients living with and Beyond Breast Cancer, those who are Hyper-mobile and those with Arthritis. Often people feel having a diagnoses of some type means they should stop exercising. I would encourage anyone and everyone to move more, as long as we respect our bodies everyone can benefit from regular, appropriate exercise. Reformer and Mat Pilates are both amazing tools to manage and enhance our physical well being… when we move well, we feel well. It’s that simple! I feel passionately that everyone can benefit from Pilates, its simple, logical, has an excellent and well recorded heritage and here at The Pilates Studio you can enjoy safe and fun mat and reformer classes with highly trained, passionate Body Control Pilates teachers, please join us to see and feel the difference in your body!

"I started as a client at The Pilates Studio. This gives me an invaluable insight into the need to balance professionalism with approachability!"

Lesley Henderson

Principal Mat work Teacher

Lesley Henderson
I started my Pilates journey on the recommendation of a US chiropractor following years in corporate life spent flying long-haul and sitting in meetings. Pilates helped return my mobility and strength and as a result I became passionate about the Pilates method. After attending classes with Maddie as my teacher at The Pilates Studio, I eventually made the decision to leave my hectic work life and train to become a Body Control Pilates Teacher, focusing my energy on the human body and the well being of myself, those around me and now my amazing clients. Who knew that a trip to a chiropractor would lead to such a life changing decision! The human body is an incredible machine but in today’s world, it is often neglected and misused. However, it’s never too late to focus on yourself and allow that amazing machine to function to its optimum efficiency! My special interests include Pilates for the Menopause, Pilates for the older population and for those who may have Osteopenia/Osteoporosis. However, you don’t have to fit into any of these categories to come to the Studio, as we offer a great selection of classes suitable for everyone, of any age, and level of experience. Come along to The Pilates Studio and we will help you on the journey to being the best version of yourself.

Tracey Bivona

Advanced Mat Teacher

Tracey Bivona
Having studied dance and having performed professionally from an early age, a path towards teaching exercise classes and dance was a natural progression for me. Over the past 40 years my passion for learning and teaching various exercise disciplines has continued, despite working full time and having a family. My passion for teaching Pilates began after having experienced first-hand the benefits of the Pilates Method and how it has allowed me to live with and manage a chronic back condition and illness. My own practice and teaching have since been greatly influenced by this and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my Clients. My special interest is Back Pain and I am a Back 4 Good qualified Practitioner. Pilates really helps improve and maintain fluidity and movement in the body and by incorporating functional movement patterns, helps keep us active for life whatever our age. “Trust in the process”.

All our teachers are Body Control trained to teach Mat and Reformer Pilates. They are also all supervising teachers, they train and support trainee Body Control Pilates teachers and assist them in the rigorous qualification process of becoming an esteemed Body Control Pilates teacher.

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